Coffee & Spice

Created by Carleens Coffee & Country Catering

Beverage Mixes Decaf

Cafe Vienna Decaf

A delicious coffee with everything you need in it except the caffeine. 

Price: $13.00

Chai Tea Decaf

The same great Chai Tea, just no caffeine

Price Range: $14 - $21

Cherry Chocolate Cappuccino Decaf

Dark chocolate, cherry flavoring and coffee. A delicious blend you can enjoy anytime of day without the caffeine. 

Price: $14

Chocolate Chai Tea Decaf

Deliciously chocolate chai tea, relaxing and without the caffeine you can have in the evening. 

Price Range: $14 - $20

Mocha Cappuccino Decaf

Dark Chocolate, Coffee you can't beat that without the caffeine.

Price: $14.00

Orange Spice Tea Decaf

A delicious orange tea that can be enjoyed any time of day without worry of caffeine. 

Price: $15.00

Peach Spice Tea Decaf

Enjoy hot or iced this delicious tea is reminiscent of a glass of sweet tea.  No caffeine

Price Range: $16.00 - $22.00

White Chocolate Cappuccino Decaf

Coffee with white chocolate and non of the caffeine. Great flavor enjoyable any time of day. 

Price: $13.00