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Specialty Meat Rubs

Specialty Meat Rubs

I have found when barbequing or preparing the main dish I want to have a different options available. With some experimenting I have came up with some different meat rubs that can be applied as sparingly or as thick as your personal taste likes.

They are also availabel in sample packets if you would like to try them before purchasing a larger size. Shipping and Handling are not included in the prices.

Down Home Rib Rub

Down home Rib Rub is good on any meat you wish to barbeque; Pork, Beef, and even Chicken. Mix it with your favorite glaze or use it by itself to add more flavor. I use it with a bit of honey for a little sweet and touch of heat.  

Price range $10 - $25

Jerk Rub

Jerk rub is preferred for white meats; pork, chicken and fish. It can be used on thinner cuts

of red meat and will retain it's peppery flavor. It has a nutmeg base, offsetting the heat of the pepper just enough to enhance the flavor of the meat. 

Price range $10 - $25

Lemon Pepper Herb

Use on a variety of meats. Sprinkle on the cut of meat, press in. Place herb side down on hot grill or grill pan. Sear than turn, reduce heat, cook to your doneness level and enjoy the full blend of lemon, pepper and herb

Price Range $10 - $25

Prime Rib Rub

Not just for your holiday prime rib. This rub is also good on any thick red meat. Try on your next pot roast, Tri-tip or London Broil.

This rub has a hint of cinnamon to sweeten the taste but not overwhelm the enjoyment of the dish.

Price range $10 - $25

Santa Fe Spice Rub

Slightly different idea with my Santa Fe Rub, it's not just for meats. Use in ground beef or chicken, as a seasoning in a casserole or top off a salad with the subtle taste of the southwest.

Price range $10 - $25

Sweet Coffee Pepper Rub

A delicious rub that can be used on just about any cut of meat.

Rub generously into the cut of meat of your choice, use right away or let sit for a deeper flavor.   

Price range $10 - $25

Tangy Cider Coffee Rub

A tangy new rub that works wonders on your ribs or chicken. Giving it that delicious tang whether barbecuing or baking. 

Price range $10 - $25

Teriyaki Horseradish Marinade / Dip

A delicious combination of Teriyaki, Spices and Horseradish. Use as a marinade or cut the water back and use as a dipping sauce for your favorite cut of meat. 

Price range $10 - $252


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