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A smile is worth a thousand words.

Each year I have worked to book out my seasonal events, not really knowing how they will turn out. I have been very fortunate each year to do this and am looking forward to having another successful year of booking. I enjoy going to new events and established ones and talking to everyone I meet.  

The thing that makes me feel the seeing a smile on someone's face. Hearing that someone has enjoyed an Instant Beverage mix, Spice Blend or Meat Rub that I have created. I then know that the gesture I have made has made someone elses day.

About Us

Carleen's Coffee & Country Catering was started as a mobile espresso service. I traveled to different businesses Monday thru Friday delivering espresso's. I expanded the coffee business by offering individual fruit and vegetable trays, along with muffins, cookies, and breakfast burritos. This led to sandwiches and then to sandwich meals.

Due to the recession and the closing of the facility where I conducted business out of I had to downscale. While catering I was able to develop by own tastes of Spice Blends and Instant Beverage mixes which has allowed me to continue interacting with my customers while giving them a good product. 

As I receive input from customers and family I continue to work on the development of new product. I have been able to expand my product line to include Organically Sweetened, Decaf, and Salt Free products. Our Spice Blends and Meat Rubs are designed to be non-specific, unlike specific spices ours can be used for multi purpose cooking and seasoning and don't sit in your cupboard forever. 



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